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Why should origin stories be limited to super heroes?

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For  15 years we have advised and lead  strategic thinking with 175+ clients, including the private sector, government and non-profits, in more than 40 countries. The Wolf.Group prides itself on strategic sense-making, helping our clients advance meaningful change through clarity of purpose. 


We spend as much time sense-making as strategy-setting: great visions and dreams are built on facts and future forecasting. Our ideal strategy is an inclusive and authentic process that draws its meaning and utility from bringing together the right stakeholders, in the right conversations. Tools don't make the strategist- but we do bring the right tools for the job. See some of our favourite clients and projects.


The unexpected shift to the virtual only reinforced what we already knew: it’s all about engagement. Our work has transformed: we are now designing our stakeholder engagements as cinema and not theatre, fully exploiting the opportunities of the online environment and exploring how we will deliver events that are fit-for-purpose in virtual, hybrid and live contexts. With our network of Certified Professional Facilitators (CPF), we co-design fair and open processes and act as genuine stewards of stakeholder ideas and conversations. Check out some examples of our engagement and event/meeting design work.


Outcomes, impacts, results- be they humanitarian, development, economic, environmental and social- are more than just an annual report. All types of organisations are under scrutiny to prove the results of their work and investments. We have delivered reviews, evaluations and lessons-learned exercises to a broad range of clients, always connecting their work to the external and strategic landscape. We are known for analysis and recommendations that empower decision-makers with practicable insights, in maximising their current and future return on investment and in identifying opportunities for innovation and growth. Read more here.

| Our Origin Story |

The Wolf.Group is a sole proprietorship founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 2006 (CH-660-1665006-6) and is an official participant in the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative. You can see more about its founder here.


From the Aid Sector

In the beginning, we worked in what we knew: the wild world of humanitarian aid. Natural disasters? Been there. Armed conflicts? Done that. Then we started to branch out. Suddenly we were working in development, advocacy, change management, human rights, capacity building, stakeholder engagement… then it was the environment, entrepreneurship, climate change, public-private partnerships… 175+ clients later, we realised we had depth AND breadth.


Beyond Philanthropy

 The journey of the Wolf.Group to date has shown us that a lot of disparate sectors and actors are trying to address the same sustainable development problems while they struggle to share a common language, narrative or purpose. The terms Sustainability, Impact and Diversity alone are proving to be dividers rather than the rallying lingua franca we might have hoped for. Our work is to create that space where we can bridge, broker and translate between very different worlds and sectors, all interested in advancing the SDGs, respect for rights and embracing diversity and inclusion.


‘I solve problems'

Why the Wolf.Group? We looked high and low for the right role model- a no-nonsense, straight-shooting problem-solver. Someone who arrives in the nick of time, assesses the situation, thinks fast, and comes up with a real-world, workable solution. The kind of character who would introduce themselves saying, ‘I solve problems’. Enter the character of Winston Wolf played by Harvey Keitel in the movie Pulp Fiction. (Note: we don’t condone his methods).

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